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Monday, December 04, 2006

Just a Normal Day

Salam.It has been a long time since my last posting.I was kinda bz with my job and studies.All of the things occured almost at the same time.You know how hectic i was.

Last week,i got 2 new proteges.They are females and i know them since 5 years ago.Well,its a sign for me that i have to work harder in order to prove that this job is really making money.From now on,i,MrTeddy will work harder to achieve my goals!yiiha!

Theres one more thing,friendship.I dont know why,everytime i talk about this i will feel like crying.Hope you guys wont misunderstand what i am saying right now.I just feel a lil bit lonely,especially without Zeed and Asrul.Well,we didnt in an arguement or involved in anything that can break our relationship.Zeed is bz with her exam preparation and Asrul is bz with his job.Whatever happens,i know they still remember me.Hopefully they are happy in whatever they are doing.Amin.

Good luck for your exam Zeed.Thanks to Roy,Jatt and others that sent me emails regarding my last posting.See ya.


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